Art Coffee Table - Fouka

Art Coffee Table

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Inch: 53L * 15D * 31H

CM: 134L * 39D * 79H

Unveiling Fouka’s ART Coffee Table, where the very essence of European-inspired artistry converges with contemporary functionality. It’s more than a table—it’s an experience.

The ART Coffee Table is a magnum opus of design, drawing from the deep reservoirs of European craftsmanship while embracing the nuances of modern-day aesthetics. Its frame, a harmonious blend of bold lines and graceful curves, showcases a dance between classical elegance and avant-garde minimalism. The surface, fashioned from the finest materials, reflects a lustrous sheen, compelling admiration and lending sophistication to any room it graces.

Positioned as the centerpiece in living rooms or lounges, this coffee table not only offers ample space for your essentials but also acts as an anchor, enhancing the decor and vibe of its surroundings. Beyond its stunning looks, its build exudes durability, assuring that its allure remains undiminished through the ages.

Every offering from Fouka, including the ART Coffee Table, is a testament to our undying passion for excellence in quality and innovative design. Catering to the discerning connoisseur, our fusion of fresh design concepts with European sensibilities ensures that your space remains both elegant and relevant. Our pricing, while reflective of the table’s unparalleled craftsmanship, also signifies our promise of unmatched value and satisfaction.

Step into a world where art doesn’t just hang on walls—it adorns your living spaces.