Art Dining Chair - Fouka

Art Dining Chair


Change the fabric/leather color to perfectly match your space.


Inch: 19L * 16.5D * 41H

CM: 48L * 42D * 105H

Experience dining reimagined with Fouka’s ART Dining Chair—a harmonious blend of form, function, and finesse that turns every meal into a luxurious affair.

Infused with the soul of European craftsmanship, the ART Dining Chair is a testament to timeless beauty. While its silhouette carries echoes of classical grandeur, its design elements firmly root it in the present, making it a true embodiment of contemporary elegance. Crafted meticulously, each curve and contour is purposeful, aimed at offering unparalleled comfort while never compromising on style.

Imagine it adorning your dining space: a chair that not only complements your dining table but also elevates the entire ambiance with its sheer presence. The choice of premium materials ensures a tactile delight, and its robust construction promises years of memorable meals and cherished conversations.

At Fouka, every piece, including the ART Dining Chair, mirrors our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our designs, influenced by the rich tapestry of European art and modern sensibilities, cater to those who value luxury in every detail. While our pricing is a reflection of the chair’s artistry and quality, our paramount focus remains to offer an unparalleled dining experience and absolute customer satisfaction.

Dine in style, surrounded by art, and indulge in the luxury that only Fouka can offer.