Boeing Coffee Table - Fouka

Boeing Coffee Table


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Inch: 71L * 27.5D * 11H

CM: 180L * 70D * 28H

Fuel your love for aviation and modern design with Fouka’s BOEING Coffee Table—a tribute to the iconic marvels of the skies. This table seamlessly merges the wonder of flight with the sophistication of contemporary interiors, promising to be a riveting centerpiece in your living space.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic designs and aerodynamic prowess of the Boeing aircrafts, the BOEING Coffee Table mirrors the sleek contours, smooth finishes, and structural ingenuity associated with aviation wonders. It’s not just a table; it’s an emblem of human innovation, a piece that embodies speed, grace, and the spirit of exploration.

Every element of the BOEING Coffee Table reflects Fouka‘s dedication to unparalleled quality and design. Its structure, reminiscent of aircraft wings and fuselage, ensures not only a visual treat but also robust durability. Recognizing the intricate design processes and the significance of its inspiration, its pricing denotes its exclusive status and unmatched craftsmanship.

Adopting the BOEING Coffee Table is more than a décor choice; it’s an ode to human achievement and the allure of the skies. Whether hosting aviator-themed soirées or indulging in personal moments of introspection, its presence elevates every experience to a higher altitude.

Set your interiors on a flight of unmatched style and distinction. The BOEING Coffee Table awaits its maiden journey in your home.