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Lima TV Stand

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Inch: 75L * 17.5D * 18.5H

CM: 190L * 45D * 47H





Delve into a world where tradition meets contemporary with the LIMA TV Stand, exclusively curated by Fouka. Inspired by the rich tapestry of Lima’s cultural history and its modern-day vibrancy, this TV stand is an ode to the Peruvian capital’s multifaceted charm.

Every detail of the LIMA TV Stand echoes a story. Its design intertwines the rustic allure of old-town Lima with the sleek sophistication of its cosmopolitan districts. It’s more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a bridge between eras, a testament to the timeless allure of Lima’s heritage.

Constructed from materials of the highest quality, the LIMA promises not just aesthetic appeal but unmatched durability. Its robust framework ensures that your entertainment ensemble remains securely in place, while its elegant facade becomes the focal point of any living space.

The pricing, while mirroring the intricate craftsmanship and design depth, assures that the LIMA TV Stand is an investment in both style and legacy. Owning it means owning a slice of Lima’s spirit and its evolving tale.

Fouka, in its constant pursuit of excellence, brings to you pieces that are more than just functional. They are stories, emotions, and experiences. The LIMA TV Stand stands tall as an embodiment of this ethos, beckoning those with an appreciation for culture and contemporary design.