Galaxy Coffee Table - Fouka

Galaxy Coffee Table


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Inch: 51L * 51D * 10H

CM: 130L * 130D * 26H

Venture beyond the confines of the ordinary with Fouka’s GALAXY Coffee Table, an embodiment of celestial wonder and modern luxury. Marrying the awe-inspiring vastness of space with European-inspired design, this piece promises to be the dazzling centerpiece of your space.

Capturing the enigmatic beauty of the cosmos, the GALAXY Coffee Table stands as a manifestation of stardust dreams and interstellar mysteries. Its design, with elements evoking galaxies, nebulae, and distant stars, transforms your living area into a realm where the boundaries between our world and the universe blur.

Every facet of the GALAXY Coffee Table reflects Fouka’s unwavering dedication to excellence. Its sleek structure, luminescent finishes, and cosmic aesthetics are not just a testament to craftsmanship but also to the spirit of exploration and wonder. While its price is indicative of its premium nature and intricate design, it also offers an unrivaled value proposition for those seeking a blend of art and functionality.

Embracing the GALAXY Coffee Table is more than a décor choice; it’s a voyage to the stars from the comfort of your home. Whether hosting gatherings beneath its shimmering surface or losing oneself in its depths during moments of reflection, its presence elevates every experience.

Dive deep into the universe of elegant design. Let the GALAXY Coffee Table guide your journey.